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Neil Scott.

I am a craftsman amongst carpenters who enjoys mixing traditional and organic creativeness with techniques that echo modern day construction methods. My furniture design is strongly influenced by my childhood, spent in the Western Cape Province of South Africa. The light, expanse of sky and rugged landscape has an unparalleled power and it had a deep effect on me. As a designer, I enjoy creating work that has a distinctly structural feel. As a professional surfer my love and knowledge of resins developed through shaping my own surfboards and I now consider myself a pioneer in mixing the mediums of wood and resins together.


I made my first dining table in 2002 and the designs have continued to evolve since then. I create unique, hand-crafted wooden furniture using exotic and home-grown hardwoods. Each piece is inspired by the provenance of the wood, and the design process focuses on allowing the wood’s natural character and form to dictate the finished piece. Incorporating metal, resin and glass, my designs are bold, tactile and highly distinctive. With quality and sustainability as my guide, I offer functional, aesthetically pleasing furniture that is a lifestyle choice.


Our workshop is nestled within a loop of the river Thames at the foot of the Wittenham clumps, right at the heart of the quintessentially English Oxfordshire countryside.